Viva Dança is the first dance convention to come to Portugal. It is designed to showcase the best dancers, teachers, choreographers, colleges, conservatories and brands from across Europe, through workshops, mainstage performances, seminars, exhibitor stands and a championship competition. 


By bringing dancers together for a weekend, we hope to create an opportunity for Portuguese dancers to discover their further dance education opportunities, and likewise for dance colleges to discover Portuguese talent. Throughout the day, knowledge will be imparted, skills will be gained and the love of dance can be shared amongst like-minded people.

Throughout the day dancers will be able to enjoy taking various different workshops, shop at the exhibitor stands, watch dance college performances, take part in improvisation competitions, take part in the Championship Competition and much more...

Viva Dança  allows dance brands, dance wear and shops to gain access to the Portuguese dance market allowing them to showcase their product/ services, increasing brand awareness and allowing them to expand to the European market.


We want dancers of all ages and levels return to their dance studio feeling more motivated and inspired after coming to our convention! Our convention should also teach valuable lessons and skills to the dancers.

Our main goal is to help Portuguese dancers understand and learn about their options of further training in Portugal and abroad, as well as allowing colleges and schools in the UK and Europe to discover the tremendous talent there is in Portugal!

Viva Dança brings together dancers from all over Portugal & Spain and teachers from all over the world!


"I think that this event is amazing and will continue to expand significantly in the next editions. It provides unique opportunities for dancers, that has never existed before here in Portugal! It was an honour to get the opportunity to be taught by incredible teachers and to be able to spend the whole day in an event where everyone has the same passion and to meet and collaborate with others! Amazing organisation and innovation! "

"It was well organized and pleasant for both those who did the workshops and those who went to see them, the space was good and it was possible to practice different styles in one day with incredible teachers from around the world. I really liked it!"

"It was an initiative that brought newness to the city of Braga and gathered many excellent dancers and teachers, aswell as giving importance to all styles helped to spread the dance more. I loved everything I did and watched on the main stage. It was an excellent initiative and should continue."

Feedback from Braga Convention 2019 (Submitted Anonymously)

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